Gut Health Seminar

September 2, 2019

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

27 Yuilles Road Mornington, Victoria 3931

Free for wellbeing members or $25 per ticket

Gut Health

Our gut is the epicentre of our health, and plays a role in everything from training our immune system and regulating our weight, to influencing our mood and behaviour.
The gut is intricately linked to the state of our skin, our digestion, our mood, nervous system, hormonal balance and the liver’s ability to detoxify.
When the gut becomes unbalanced we can suffer from gut dysbiosis and associated symptoms.

In this workshop Alison will teach you the importance of understanding how to balance the gut, which can lead to a happier mindset, reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, and digestive ill health.
Alison will teach you how to implement a few small changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve your gut function and enhanced immunity.
She will also explain how to manage anxiety through manipulating the gut microbiome and how to nourish yourself to create calm and balanced hormones.
The presentation will cover how gut health relates to the following:
– leaky gut and immunity
– inflammation
– hormonal imbalance
– increased susceptibility to autoimmune disorders – how to balance gut bacteria
how stress
– impacts immunity and inflammation
– how sleep and environmental stressors can cause further imbalance to gut health

Tickets $25 or free to wellbeing members


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