Sound Healing Meditation

Starts July 19, 2019
Ends September 6, 2019

10:00 am - 11:00 am

27 Yuilles Rd Mornington 3931

$25 per week

Sound Healing Meditation

Hosted By Live Balance Grow – Rebecca Shute-Lynas

A regular Meditation session focused on the Heart Chakra. These group sessions will help you connect, balance and open your heart space by using the power of sound, essence and intention. I will guide each session intuitively and connect with the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls to help shift and open your heart space. The music bowls are very powerful and allow the body to realign to its natural frequency to bring about subtle and powerful changes. Throughout the session I will use essential oils, affirmation cards, sage/smudge, colour, visualisation and crystals. The sessions are intimate and gentle, allowing you to feel comfortable to open up and share your experiences while releasing what no longer serves you. The sound meditation will run for 60mins.


Singing bowls are relatively new to the West, however they have been used for many thousands of years in the East, and have been handed down by verbal traditions through generation. Through the ages, nearly all cultures have been using sound to induce altered states of consciousness for healing, meditation and enhanced mental capacity.

The philosophy of the bowls is that we all have a vibration that is signature to our health and wellbeing and suggests that like instruments our bodies have a vibration or harmony that is ideal to our own health and wellbeing. When we are out of balance our ideal vibration or frequency is our of tune…..The music bowls have the ability to retune us to our balanced state by making us vibrate to the frequency of the bowl – when synchronised by these powerful vibrations the human body then has the ability to tune into its own undisturbed frequency – bringing us back to BALANCE

Weekly on Friday’s 10:00am – 11:00am
$25 per session – pay at the venue or book tickets via eventbrite

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