Sound Healing Meditation

Starts July 19, 2019
Ends September 6, 2019

10:00 am - 11:00 am

27 Yuilles Rd Mornington 3931

$25 per week

Sound Healing Meditation

Hosted By Live Balance Grow – Rebecca Shute-Lynas

A regular Sound Healing Meditation group focused on the energies of the Heart Space. These sessions will help you to connect, balance and open your heart by using the power of sound, essence and intention. I will guide you into the Sound Healing and intuitively connect with the crystal singing bowls to help shift blocked energy, open and connect to your beautiful heart.

The crystal bowls are very powerful and allow the body to realign to its natural frequency to bring about subtle and powerful changes so you feel lighter, relaxed, clearer in your thoughts and more energized. Throughout the session I will also connect and share essential oils, the use of crystal and affirmation cards.

About the Crystal Bowls…..

The Crystal Singing Bowls oscillate at a very high frequency, amplifying and transmitting tone and energy. The Crystal Bowls transmit potent vibrational energy, these crystal tones affect brain wave activity and can support the creation of an altered state of consciousness. As different parts of the brain are affected, it is considered likely that hormones and neuro-chemicals are released that can suppress pain, overcome addictions, strengthen will power and foster creativity. The purity of the sound has a profoundly peaceful effect of the body and mind and together with intention allows a very powerful healing meditation.

Weekly on Friday’s 10:00am – 11:00am
$25 per session – pay at the venue or book tickets via eventbrite

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