Enhanced Wellbeing Co warmly welcomes mental health advocates and practitioners Nick Sutherland and Amanda Gabrielle from MyndFit.

Nick and Amanda’s presence brings a new balance to our wellness hub, adding a very much needed and sought after mental health service to complement our amazing physical health services. Both practitioners combine a unique blend of lived experience and Buddhist philosophy to compliment their psychotherapy training.

Nick founded MyndFit in 2018 after deciding to work in a “prevention is better than cure” approach, closing down his private practice where he specialised in helping clients overcome emotional trauma form 2009. Operating on a new methodology, Nick and Amanda now focus on empowering people with the tools, resources and knowledge of how to create and maintain a positive and healthy state of mind, leaving them free to finally choose how they feel rather than letting everything dictate their moods.

Bringing Amanda on board has freed Nick up to pursue his passion of reducing the amount of men taking their own lives each year (373 Australian males aged between 35 – 45 commit suicide every year) by specialising in men’s health. He has recently partnered with exciting new social enterprise TradeMutt, and collectively they are teaching blokes around Australia that whether they like it or not, men have mental health and they need to look after it.

Nick was medically discharged from the Australian Army with anxiety and depression as well as a permanent knee injury, then spent 6 years spiralling down until he hit rock bottom. Nick reached a point where he felt so debilitated that he could not leave the house and entertained the idea of suicide.

Thankfully he chose the harder path and reached out for help, essentially reconstructing a much stronger, healthier and happier version of himself over then next 12 months.

Amanda had her challenges too, finding herself in relationships where she felt completely disempowered and devalued. Suicide has also hit close to home for Amanda so becoming a much valued part of the MyndFit team enables her to pursue her goal of helping women to love and accept themselves unconditionally.

Around 1 in 5 women in Australia will experience depression and 1 in 3 women will experience anxiety during their lifetime so Amanda is grateful for the opportunity to work with brave women who realise whatever situation they are stuck in is not ok and put their hand up to ask for help.

A 30min MyndMassage is the first step in linking in with MyndFit so if you wish to learn how to relax, switch off and empty your mind, this guided meditation and deep relaxation is the perfect start to creating a new you.

Book at reception or get in touch with Nick or Amanda on 0448 339 662 or [email protected]

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