If you have a specific health goal in mind, from losing weight, improving your gut health or increasing your energy levels, Alison can help you to achieve this.

Alison believes that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to health as everyone is different, therefore treatment plans are personalised to the individual.

The consultations are designed to provide you with the confidence and foundations that allow you to make the right choices about your nutrition. Alison's experience shows that once we learn about the key aspects of nutrition we are more inspired to act. Alison will set a goal with all clients so that you become educated about nutrition and able to make changes that are sustainable and balanced for your lifestyle.

During the initial consultation, Alison will gain a comprehensive insight into your health history. Assessing your previous and current health status as well as identifying your main challenges, health concerns and goals.

She will review any recent blood tests to further or where necessary discuss testing options and/or referrals.

Upon completion of this appointment your specific plan will be created for you which may include nutrition, lifestyle suggestions, as well as a supplement protocol where needed to ensure we achieve the most positive lasting results for you.


Alison specialises in the following areas of nutrition support;

  • gut health
  • digestive health
  • increasing energy
  • reducing anxiety
  • weight management
  • women’s health and hormones
  • healthy ageing
  • childhood and adolescent nutrition

Alisons belief is that nutrition can be life changing and is the biggest investment we can make in our health. When we take that first step and invest time into understanding what personalised nutrition works for us as individuals we can engage in an exciting process towards new found energy and vitality as well as restoring us to better health.

Alison is available for appointments by request at Enhanced Wellbeing.

Throughout the year Alison also runs online seasonal guided cleanse programs that are designed to increase your energy and kickstart you back into healthy eating. The programs focus on introducing and eating more of a plant based diet so you feel more energised, balanced  and recharged. The programs are guided and focus on nutrition as well as other lifestyle practices that contribute to our holistic health. The programs provide an overall reset and gentle detox for your body to enhance your overall health.

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